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Turn tree removal to your advantage

By hiring our services you don't just get to remove a damaged tree but you also benefit from it through the method of tree chipping,

After the tree is completely removed, you'll have our 12 inch chippers that can be used to chip the logs and branches. The wood chipper which is powered by turbo diesel engine is able to chip logs that's up-to 15 inch wide. Once the process of wood chipping is done, wood chips are left afterwards.


The wood chips can be used throughout your property. Our chippers can use the chips into places like your flower beds, orchards, put them into piles, or even have them placed into dump trucks for removal.


Landscapers often love to use wood chips because they can help build up your soil with their organic matter. They help to make a space look great and can be a great benefit to the overall look and appeal of your property.


We also serve Waimea area.

Tree chipping service

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Certified Arborist with ISA