Mother Earth Father Time Tree Service, LLC Kona Hawaii

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Tree care maintenance

When it comes to your trees, it is important to provide them with the right maintenance that they will need throughout the year. Our highly-skilled professionals are ready to take on the task!

Mother Earth Father Time Tree Service, LLC believes that the best way to care for your trees is to avoid damaging it. This is why our company uses spikeless tree care method that does less damage to your trees.


Swiss climbing bands, Swiss bicycles, hoops, are connected to our bucket lift, if at all possible. The major difference between the spikes and bicycles is that the bicycles are able to trim without doing any damage to your palm tree. On the other hand, spikes will damage your tree with each step made on them. This leaves a wound on your tree where pathogens can enter.


We proudly serve Hawi area. Contact us today for inquiries or any concerns about our services.

Benefits of spikeless tree care

Our locally-owned business is able to provide top-notch tree service in all of your projects.


Attention to quality and detail

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