Proper Palm/Coconut Pruning

To start with palms should be pruned with the Tree Climbers/Swiss Bicycles/The Bands to avoid spiking them. Spiking causes wounds and entry points for all sort of pathogens and insects which can lead to the failure of the tree. Fronds should be trimmed, paper should be cleaned out, seed pods and nuts should be removed. Palms  should be pruned with the fronds coming out the base of the tree at 45 degrees and no higher. Taking the fronds higher over time  causes the tree to lack enough leaf surface area for proper photosynthesis (food production from light) and can cause penceling (tree tapering).  In this state of loss of food production the tree can become stressed leaving it vulnerable to pathogens which combined with penciling can lead to tree failure. Coconut palms should be trimmed 2-3 times per year in residential settings and 3-4 times per year in commercial  areas in relation to how quickly they grow. Click on photos below to enlarge.

Hazardous Coconut palm before proper tree care.

Hazardous Coconut palm before proper tree care.

After Pruning. A Coconut palm that has been trimmed according to arborist standards.

After Pruning. A Coconut palm that has been trimmed according to arborist standards.

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  1. Ross Galan says:

    Yes, coconut trees need prunning from time to time to keep them healthier and produce more bunches of fairly larger coconuts ; besides, they look more decorative in urban settings.

    Ross Galan
    NLP Spiritual Life Coach

    ... on July July 2nd, 2011
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  3. Proper Tree Trimming says:

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  4. Emil Lynch says:

    In your article of proper trimming you stripped the tree of all its inflorescence and unopened
    Flower pods which leaves the honeybees which depend on virtually all palm trees as a major food source. Honeybees pollinate one third the world’s food crops and they are dying off all over the world. How can u call that proper pruning? You should bee ashamed of yourself… Stripping a tree of its flowers and unowned flowers.

    ... on July March 25th, 2014

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